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Job Category: Agriculture
Company: RMM-1
Location: Brande
Experience Necessary: With experience gained in Denmark.
Driver Licenses Necessary: Yes
Atributions: wanted: man between 20-40 years old, good english,with driver licence and experience in danish farm . Responsibilities: take care of piglets and sows, participation depending on the work plan from the farm to other activities such as: artificial insemination, vaccinations, treatments, washing, animal delivery ,castration, work in the field, etc.
Transport Included: No
Hosting Included: Yes
If Included, Charge is: 2000kr/month/person with all the utilities included
Salary offered: 16.000 dkk brutto/month/40 hours per week.
Company Description: Pigs farm with: 1050 sows, 130 ha of land and modern agricultural machinery. Farmer age: 39 years old. Number of employees: 5-6. Accommodation: you will have your own room , but you have to share the living room, kitchen and bathroom with other people, who ar living in the same house, for 2000 kr/month/person with all the utilities included. Distance between accommodation and the farm is: 100m .
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