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Job Category: Wood processing
Company: K2
Location: Faaborg
Experience Necessary: with experience
Driver Licenses Necessary: is not important
Atributions: Wanted: man between 20-45 years, good english, driving license is not important. Responsibilities: logs handling, loading and unloading operations, cutting wood in order to obtain products for the manufacturing of wooden furniture, finishing and painting activities for wood, etc.
Transport Included: No
Hosting Included: Yes
If Included, Charge is: 2500 kr/person/month with all the utilities included in this amount.
Salary offered: Salary: - 18.500 danish kr gross (8-35% taxation) = approx. 12000-13000kr net (cca.1600 euro)/month. Salary shown is for 160 hours per month. Overtime pay is approx. 95 kr brutto/ hour.
Company Description: Wood processing company which owns modern machinerys for wood processing proces. Employer age: 56 years old. Number of employees: 10. Accommodation: you will have your own room , but you have to share the living room, kitchen and bathroom with other people, who ar living in the same house, for 2500 kr/month/person with all the utilities included. Distance between accommodation and the farm is 1 km.
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